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• Knowledge Base

If you have questions about email configuration, domains and DNS resolution, how to use your control panel, checking webstats, etc., check out our searchable Knowledge Base first.

• Accessing your Control Panel

Go to Website Settings and put in your webhosting logon and password. Click the domain name you want to access/manage when you are in the control panel

• FTP Information

Click on this link, FTP Information, to get help in using FTP to upload files, such as images or Word documents, to your server site.

• WordPress Blog

For a page of tips on using and working with a WordPress blog, download Blog Tips that we have developed. For more in-depth instructions for getting the most out of your blog, start with WordPress for Beginners

• Getting Web Stats

To view your website traffic statistics, log into your Control Panel. Click the domain that you want to see stats for, and that takes you into the main page of the Control Panel. Near the top click link for View Web Stats.

This service is being discontinued by our Hosting Server sometime in August, 2012. Most, if not all, of our clients have been setup with a Google Analytics account. The Google Analytics service is very comprehensive and revealing. Log into your Google account using the login that you were given. Then follow the prompts to your Google Analytics data screen.

If you have a problem or question not answered in one of the areas above, please let us know by filing out this form. We will try to respond just as quickly as we can.
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