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la Casa Tierra: Branding Concepts

La Casa Tierra: Branding Concepts

I see the logo as earthy and somewhat textured, since the casa is in the tierra, so to speak. Some of the fonts lend themselves to stacking, where La Casa is “above ground” and Tierra is “below ground”. Here’s a series of fonts for your feedback, to help me see what is in your head also!

The first font on the list (Tempus) is my favorite. I have experimented with the letters as a chop or brand mark — and also showing them stacked (above and below ground). We could do similar things with other fonts, but this one has a stroke to it that makes it versatile.

The chop artwork here is depicting day, night, earth — and La Casa Tierra. I poked a star in one version, because “the stars at night are big and bright” …

Round Two

Here are some concepts using the Ursa Serif Engraved font that you expressed a preference for. We need to be sure that the chosen font will work for a “chop” or profile image for social media, so I like to preview it in a square and circle. Thoughts? Any other fonts that you’d like for me to experiment with?

Note! Some of the fonts previewed above are all uppercase natively. If you like any of those fonts, I can tweak the letter so we have an sentence case look. Some of the fonts are rustic looking. That’s called “grunge”. Does the texture appeal, or not?