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DDF – Marketing 2021

Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook ads were successful with 955 PAID followers (doesn’t include organic growth) and a reach of 40K+ people. Average ad spend was  $0.30, well below industry average of $1.72 Cost-Per-Click. We spent under $500 for the entire year. Highly recommend continuing with paid ads for 2021.

Start soft promotion two months in advance (post FB event, 3 teaser posts/wk to warm up audience). Start heavily promoting season one month in advance with paid FB ads, contests, photos of animals, blog posts describing season activities, etc.

Suggested Ad Spend: $200/month
If a higher ad spend can be accommodated, we can discuss that.

Facebook Stats 2020

YouTube Stats 2020

Instagram 2020

Instagram stats only go back 7 days. Am currently testing out an analytics platform that will help monitor insights, ROI, etc. so that we have historical data and can show YOY performance. Will implement if analytics are worth the cost.
Current followers: 3,899

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