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Setting up your iPhone mail

How to Set up Rackspace domain email accounts on an iPhone 5

Go to ‘Settings’ Go to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ If this is a new account, click on ‘Add Account’, then choose ‘Other’ Under ‘Mail’, choose ‘Add Mail Account’ Enter your name as you would want it to appear on the email as sender. Then enter your full email address,  xxxx@yourdomainname.com Enter the password for your email account Entering a description is optional. Click on ‘Next’ Tap on ‘POP’, making sure it’s highlighted Again, enter your name, it it’s not already displayed Then enter your email address, if it’s not already displayed

In the space identified as ‘Incoming Mail Server’: for ‘Host Name’, enter ‘secure.emailsrvr.com’ for ‘User Name’, enter your full email address for ‘Password’, enter your email account password

In the space identified as ‘Outgoing Mail Server’: for ‘Host Name’, enter ‘secure.emailsrvr.com’ for ‘User Name’, enter your full email address for ‘Password’, enter your email account password

Then click on ‘Save’.  The phone will then try to verify the information entered, trying to access the email account thru that server.  If successful, it will save the account.  If it’s unsuccessful in verifying the account, it will say so.  You will need to go thru and make sure all info that you entered was correct.

Once it’s verified and saved, then go back to ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’ The new email account should be in the list of ‘Accounts’.

Click on the new email account. The next page should show the slider next to the word ‘Account’ on or green in color.  If not, slide the button to the right to show green.

Scroll down the screen to the line labeled, ‘SMTP’.  The server should agree with the one you entered in the step above for the ‘Outgoing Mail Server’.  Tap on that line.

You should see a page labeled, ‘SMTP’, with the server for that account in the block labeled, ‘Primary Server’, shown as ‘On’.  If there is a list of other servers, they should all be ‘Off’.

Once you’ve determined that the server is correct, then click on the button at the top left of the screen to go back a page.  This will probably be the name you gave your account.

Once back to the page labeled with your account name, scroll down to the bottom of the page to a line labeled, ‘Advanced’.  Click on it.

The page should look like this (except for Studiosr): mailSetup

If any of the settings aren’t like this, then tap on the line, and then choose the same setting as above.  The server port number is important.  Tapping on it will bring up the numeric keyboard.  Type in 995.  Once all settings are correct, then tap on the upper left corner until you get back to your main settings page.

This should complete the setup of your new email account.

Note: if you already have your account entered but something just isn’t working correctly, just select that account from the ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’ page and go thru it using these instructions above, skipping the ‘new’ account steps.  You can always look at the servers, both incoming and outgoing, and check the ‘Advanced’ section.

About Creativity …

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.”
Sir Ken Robinson 

Thanks to a link shared by my friend and colleague, Michael Conti, today — I discovered Sir Ken Robinson.  I will likely become a disciple of his, absorbing his words, teachings and books.  According to the web:  “Sir Ken Robinson, PhD is an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation.”  Extremely witty and profoundly creative himself!

Even his website is a rush of excitement, fun and color.  Still pondering the dialog I heard from him this morning on creativity in education.  Wishing all the teachers/educators that I know would take heart!  If you have 20 minutes for enlightment, listen to this.

It’s about change

Facebook is undergoing some major changes, the most  significant of which affects fanbased pages — which are what you have for your business.  

As of March 30, all fanbased pages will convert to the timeline interface.  That means, major changes to the look of your page, but will also affect what is behind the scenes for you to manipulate.  

We’d like to share some of the things we recently learned in webinars with Mari Smith and Social Media Examiner.

  1. Timeline interface will require a new cover image (about 851px x 315px) that has a space for seating a logo chop (required to be 180px square).  Your old image will be cropped in a less than effective way after March 30, so you may consider having these two pieces of artwork chosen and uploaded in advance.
  2. Contests can no longer be handled in the casual way that folks have been doing them on fanbased pages in the past.  You will be required to use a Facebook app (short for application) to implement contests.  Facebook has noted that they will shut down fanbased pages not complying with this.
  3. It appears that image coupons can continue to be posted in an album and be the focus post of a certain time period, as done in the past. [click to continue…]

Being “Sociable” in May

We will join the viral roller coaster at the Social Media Examiner’s Success Summit commencing May 1 and continuing through May 24. It’s an online conference designed for marketers and business owners who want to achieve social media success.

The webinar is hosted by 27 experts in the social media field, including the “Queen of Facebook”, Mari Smith.  It promises to be exciting and cram-packed with learning experiences.